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Web design is the process of creating the visual feel, layout, and flow of web pages on a website. It involves UX design, graphic design, and overall knowledge of the best spacing, fonts, shapes, and colors to use to create a user-friendly experience. Good web design solidifies your company’s credibility regardless of industry or field. Having a one-of-a-kind design for your website can make all the difference in today’s web-based world.

At Jamii Webdesigns, we strategically design our websites via a series of workshops, wire-framing and user experience (UX) sessions, to end with a site that reinforces credibility, communicates key brand messages, and brings you a return on creativity. We like to work with people who really appreciate good design. Our designs will make you stand out from the competition and provide your users with an engaging and refreshing experience. We ensure our code is as lightweight as possible whilst not holding back our creative team on the front-end design (UI).

If you are looking for a web design company in Nairobi, Kenya, then look no further, jamii webdesigns stands out as the best web designers offering Quality websites that will fit your purpose.

Mobile-friendly web design

Are you worried about your website or your branding?

If you’re worried that your current website is under-performing – whether that’s not generating enough inquiries, enough sales, it’s difficult to manage, or it just doesn’t represent your company anymore – then our Kenya’s web design company is the perfect partner for you.

Our custom branding and web design services don’t cost the earth and will help you bridge the gap between your strategy and how your business presents itself to the world.

We’ve been working with businesses in Nairobi, Kenya, and internationally for over 12 years to help them refresh their branding, revamp their websites, or both of these services at the same time.

If you want to find out more about how simple the process is, the expected investment, and the best solution for your situation, then schedule a quick call.

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We strive to understand the clients’ requirements. Here, we listen to you to obtain objectives of the process. At this step, you can ask as many questions as you want and we assure you satisfactory answers to them.



After contemplating your requirements, we consider paper designing as part of the planning process. Sketching is all about how a simple pen and paper can transform the process of web designing unique and manageable.


The next step, we form a mock-up design to acquire feedback from the end users. We understand how important it is to accomplish the objectives and at the same time turn the design work well for the end users too.


At this step, we send you the design for reviewing, tweaking and approving the mock-ups until you are satisfied with the design. This is the right time to make changes, not after the design has been coded and developed.


We run the website through the final diagnostics using the available tools from the developer end. At Jamii Webdesign, we assure pixel-perfect design and make sure it is responsive and as per the W3C validation.


Also, as a part of web design services in Kenya and worldwide, we provide image optimization services too. The image optimization leads to performance improvements for your website with largest byte savings. Thereby, the browser can download your website faster


The next step, we take all the measures that can be taken directly within your website so that we improve its position in the search rankings. We optimize the content or may improve the meta tags too as a part of our website design services in India worldwide.


A vital part of the web design services in Kenya and worldwide is the quality assurance stage. Prior to the launch of your website, we conduct final QA testing so that your website works according to your expectations and is user-friendly too.